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It was only a few weeks ago that I realised I had not done a wrap up of my reading since April and that was a bit late too so now this is going to be rectified.

Unfortunately my laptop lost a file where I kept a record of every book that I have read in May and so I had to start all over again which will mean that there is no real record of what I read in that particular month.

Since we are now into November and due to the amount of books that I read each month I will be giving you the stats of how many books I read and the amount of pages read as well as my favourite book and worst book of that particular month.

So here goes nothing as we start with June. June was an amazing month as I was doing a readathon which had a competitive edge where you earned points for your team and that month I read 20 books and my page count was 5813. My favourite book was Midnight Hour which was in my Owlcrate Jr box which is a Middle Grade Subscription Box. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have since bought the sequel. As for my worst book there wasn't any as all the books read were rated as either 4 or 5 stars.

July I read 13 books and my page count was 3328 pages. As for my favourite book it was Show Us Who You Are and this book destroyed me and you can read my thoughts on this book. As for my worst book it was City of Rust which was the Middle Grade Monthly book choice for this month and I was so bored I decided to DNF and unhaul as soon as I could. The main character had nothing going for them just like the story.

August I read 19 books and my page count was 5076 pages. My favourite book was Ace of Spades which was an incredible Young Adult Thriller which I absolutely adored while I had two least favourite books one which I dnfed and one which got a low score as I was on a blog tour. The book I dnfed was The Shark Caller this was the Middle Grade Monthly choice for this month but while I was reading I got bored and did not like the main leads they were awful. While the book for the blog tour was called Her Wolves and you can read what I thought of the book.

September I read 16 books and my page count was 4058 pages and I was doing not one but two very different readathons. My favourite book was Paradise on Fire and you can read my thoughts about it while my least favourite was A Day in the life of a Caveman, a Queen and everything in Between which also has been reviewed by myself as it was on a Blog Tour.

October I read 13 books and my page count was 4379 pages. For this month I did something completely different and read predominantly spooky books and did another readathon. My favourite book of the month was Pighearted which I was reviewing on a blog tour and so you can read my thoughts on it. While my worst book was another Middle Grade Monthly choice which was They Threw us Away and to be honest I could not believe at times what I was listening to. It was a strange tale of Teddy Bears and the author usually wrote Adult Horror and will not be carrying on.

So that's it a rundown hopefully I will get better at this but will probably keep the wrap ups short due to the amount I am reading.

What I have noticed this year my reading tastes have yet changed again and now I have read epic Adult Fantasy. I also am using my audible account more and I am having a blast.

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