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April was a busy and successful reading month apart from one 2 star read which I shall get to in a moment.

My first book which was The Beautiful by Renee Adheih is a young adult fantasy and was featured in a Fairyloot box. This was read physically as there was no audiobook available here in the UK so it took time to read and so rolled into April. The book is set in New Orleans is 1872 and features Celine who travelled to there from Paris. While in New Orleans Celine meets a group of people who may not what they seem to be. I loved the the chapters were short and throughout there is an unknown narrator who is very interesting and I hope this is carried on throughout the series. I am dying to carry on with the next book in the series called The Damned and for all these reasons I am giving this book 4 stars.

My next book was another roll over from the previous month and that was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. This was my first foray into the world of Rick Riordan and Greek mythology. I am not going to spoil the book but I can tell you I watched the film and compared it to the book and the book is far better and very different. I loved the characters especially Grover who was very inept at doing things but always had Percy's back. For all these reasons I gave it 4 stars and will continue on with the series.

I then read Zatanna and The House of Secrets is another DC comics Middle Grade Graphic Novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it story which was written by Matthew Cody who managed to show two sides of Zatanna throughout this book. One was the Zatanna at home who was always sure of herself and the other side was Zatanna at School who lacked the confidence. Now let me me mention the incredible illustrations by Yoshi Yoshitani. So for all these reasons it got 4 stars.

I was lucky to receive from Little Tiger a finished copy of Agent Zaiba and the Haunted House written by Annabelle Sami and fully illustrated by Daniela Sosa. This is the third book in the series which I have loved everyone. This time Zaiba is trying to investigate whether a house is haunted or not. You can read my review to see why I love these books so much and the reasons why I gave 4 stars.

I received my first ever Physical Arc from Little Tiger who sent me a copy of a contemporary middle grade book called Digger and Me. You can read my review and see why I enjoyed this so much and my reasons why I gave 4 stars.

I received another finished copy of a middle grade called Mort The Meek and The Raven's Revenge from Little Tiger which has been my shortest ever book to receive 5 stars and to see my reasons you can read my review.

I next did a blog tour for The Dark Lord Clementine after receiving an invite from the publishers Algonquin Young Readers and what a ride it was. You can read my review and see why I gave this highly entertaining book 4 stars and my reasons for that.

I then read my worst book so far of 2021 The witch's boy by Kelly Barnhill which I read for Middle Grade Monthly and found it so hard going I ended up reading along with the audio book. This was Kelly's debut and now i don't think I want to read any more books by her but we shall see. I found the characters lacking and things just happened, and I found it hard going even with the audio book which was a shame as the narrator was really rather good. For all these reasons I gave it 2 stars.

I was looking for something that could bring a great story with amazing characters and lots and lots of magic so I chose to read The House At The Edge of Magic which I originally received as a Netgalley Arc but again received a physical copy of it in my Tales By Mail book box and I was not let down. You can read my full thoughts in my review and why I gave it 4 stars

My final book for the month was another Netgalley Arc called When Life Gives you Mangoes and again I read it physically. All I can say is it flawed me and to find out more you can read my review on why I gave it 5 stars

And now my all important stats I read 10 books, my page count was 2265, I read 9 middle grade and 1 young adult, i had 7 4 star ratings 2 5 star ratings and 1 2 star rating and I unhauled 6 books

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