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I was lucky to receive a Netgalley Arc of Bookishly Ever After which is the final book in the YA Series The Paper & Hearts Society and written by the wonderful Lucy Powrie. The Paper & Heart Society Series is about young people Tabby, Olivia, Henry, Ed and Cassie who belong to a book club called and you guessed The Paper & Hearts Society where they live their best Bookish Lives.

Each book centres around one character and in Bookishly Ever After is Ed. Now Ed to me was the life and soul of the group but through Lucy's talent we see that the character is more like an onion and there are lots of layers hidden from plain view. Ok I admit Lucy made me well up and tears were flowing during some particular scenes and that is all I am going to say as I do not do spoilers. I will say on the other hand the rep for LGBTQ, Mental Health and Autism. For all these reasons I am giving Bookishly Ever After 4 stars

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