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I was lucky to get a Netgalley Arc of Jack Ryder's debut Middle Grade Jack's Secret Summer and yes it is Jack Ryder who was in Eastenders. I admit I was a bit dubious as there seems to be an influx of famous people writing books especially Middle Grade Books but boy was I wrong. Jack's first novel was so entertaining all the characters were lovable I loved the Buckley Boys they were hilarious. This book has so much magic and mystery you could shake a stick at and the reveal towards the end I was not expecting that. While reading this I could visualize how this book could be turned into a series and I think that it would be wonderful. Having a girl in the mix brought back childhood memories for me as I was blossom I played with the boys who were around the same age as me so thank you for bringing back those memories for. I am not going to give a synopsis of the book I just want you to read it and have a whale of a time like I did. So I have to give this wonderful book 5 stars and I be picking up the next book Jack's Secret Summer

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