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Living in the ordinary world is anything but ordinary for twins Percy and Nell Shearwater. After all, Percy is not like most eleven-year-old boys. Most eleven-year-old boys don’t have gills.

When the grip of death tightens its hold on the twins’ mother, Percy resolves to do whatever it takes to find a cure. But what if that means embarking on a secret and treacherous journey through uncharted waters, to the island of Doona... an island which some say doesn’t even exist?

While Percy confronts the perils of the sea to save his dying mother, Nell will need to rely on her own mysterious gift if she is to have any chance of seeing her brother again. There’s just one thing that lies in her way: the Curse of Dearmad...

Author Bio Emma Mylrea grew up mostly in the Peak District, in a little house with a big fire and not many neighbours. She graduated with a degree in English Literature from The University of Manchester and splits her time between writing and teaching. Emma lives in Manchester with her husband, two children, dogs Kiki and Molly, and long-suffering cat Kipper. Curse of the Dearmad is Emma Mylrea’s first novel.

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Firstly a big thank you to Love Book Tours for allowing me to review Curse of the Dearmad by Emma Mylrea and to the Publishers Tiny Tree for sending me a physical copy. I could not believe this was Emma's first book yet she was able to bring magical realism into a middle grade which I admit I have not seen very often and loved it.

I am not going to give a synopsis of the book as I feel it will spoil things. Instead I believe the best way to enjoy this book is to jump right in and you will not be disappointed. In a couple of places I was moved so much that I actually cried.

What I will say there are so many messages which are conveyed throughout this wonderful book like the importance of family and how this love can make someone go to any depths. Also it shows that it is okay to be different

For all these reasons I am giving this book 4 stars and can't wait to see what Emma comes up with next.

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