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Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper by Brie Spangler

Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary

Publishing Date: April 11, 2023


A heartwarming graphic novel about a baseball-obsessed 7th grader, trying to find her place in the sports world and her family.

In their tiny corner of Fox Point, Rhode Island, Gemma Hopper’s older brother, Teddy, is a baseball god, destined to become a Major League star. Gemma loves playing baseball, but with her mom gone and her dad working endless overtime, it’s up to her to keep the house running. She’s too busy folding laundry, making lunches, getting her younger twin brothers to do their homework, and navigating the perils of middle-school friendships to take baseball seriously.

But every afternoon, Gemma picks up her baseball glove to pitch to Teddy during his batting practice–throwing sliders down and away, fastballs right over the middle (not too fast or he’ll get mad), and hanging curveballs high and tight.

Could baseball be Gemma’s ticket to the big leagues or will it mean the end of her family as she knows it?

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About the Author:

Author/illustrator of children’s picture books and YA novels, Brie Spangler loves to draw and write stories and drink massive amounts of caffeine, but not quite Dave Grohl “Fresh Pot!”/require hospitalization levels. Writing down the ideas in her head was scary as a kid, so she turned to making pictures instead. Brie worked as an illustrator for several years before she began to write and immediately became a frothing addict. BEAST is her debut novel.

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Again I have found an amazing Contemporary Middle Grade Graphic Novel which literally made me feel all warm and fuzzy and at times in tears willing the main character Gemma Hopper to get that happy ending everyone no matter their age dreams of.

For Gemma who is a 7th Grader does not have the life you think she might have at that age instead she is Mum to her younger twin brothers, her Dad's wife and while he is absent working she picks up the pieces and finally she is her brother's Pitcher. No one had time for Gemma who even stopped to consider what she needed.

Then something happens and that is all I am saying on the matter except to say that it showed that Gemma could make her own story and she didn't need a Fairy Godmother.

Thank you Brie for writing such an uplifting novel and for all the reasons I am giving Fox Poin'ts own Gemma Hopper 4 stars

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