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At the beginning of last year I decided that every Middle Grade Book that I read during 2023 will be reviewed on my Blog Page.

I chose Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy by Rey Terciero and Bre Indigo even though I am in the middle of three books I found that I was slumping and for me Graphic Novels always give me a pick me up.

I have not read Little Women before in it's natural form as a classic novel but instead I have read yet another retelling of it in another graphic novel called Little witches Magic in Concord which kept to the time line as the OG was written but instead the March Girls were witches.

Out of both books I would say Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy was my favourite out of the two as it had issues todays readers could relate to from Cancer, Coming Out and others. I found that Amy made me laugh alot she was a little firecracker but the next minute I was literally crying with tears down my face. For me when I get such reactions from reading certain books I know that they will stay with me and so for all those reasons Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy 4 stars.

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