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‘Extraordinary, beautiful, magical’ Jill Mansell

‘A beautiful, intelligent story about friendships and love’ Clare Mackintosh

‘A clever, beautiful, special book. The writing is stunning, the concept is so original' Beth O’Leary

‘A tearjerker of a masterpiece’ Laura Jane Williams

‘A book with magic on every page’ – Holly Miller

‘I am SO HERE for women’s fiction that surprises’ – Cesca Major

‘The perfect escapist read. Compelling, moving and masterfully told’ – Laura Kay

‘A feast for the senses’ – Laura Pearson

‘Rebecca Serle is a maestro of love in all its forms’ – Gabrielle Zevin

‘This love story is original, beautifully written and often surprising’ – Daily Mail

‘A captivating, thought-provoking and poignant read’ – Daily Express

‘We inhaled this pitch-perfect story in one delicious go’ – The Sun

‘One of this year's must-reads’ – Heat

‘A beautiful and tragic love story guaranteed to make readers cry... A must read’– Hello

First off I want to thank Millie from Quercus Books for allowing me a place on this blog tour. I was so excited as One Italian Summer was one of my anticipated reads. Well what can I say about the book. If you are a big contemporary reader and love all the usual tropes you will not find any in this book but I would encourage you to give it a shot as it may surprise you. As I had already read In five years I was aware of the kind of stories Rebecca writes but she still even managed to shock and amaze me with her little twists and turns and the last twist just totally gobsmacked me. I looked like a fish with it's mouth open. Rebecca has surpassed herself and made Positano a real character. I even googled to see what it was like. I do have a bone to pick with Rebecca which is every time the wonderful Italian food was described I felt perpetually hungry and one evening I raided the freezer so I could put some garlic bread in the oven. Joking aside Rebecca made me think about my own relationships and how life should be enjoyed and not squandered. For all these reasons One Italian Summer is a five star read and Rebecca Serle is now officially an auto buy author for me and I can't wait to see what book she brings out next.

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