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When I was contacted by the publishers to read Crazy in Poughkeepsie by Daniel Pinkwater I did not realise what I was getting into. All I can say this book is totally bonkers sometimes I was beginning to wonder what am I reading but you know what it made me laugh out loud.

We start of with Mick who comes home from Camp and has to share his bedroom with a Guru but not any Guru but one originating from New Jersey and his dog who is also a Guru. Then we have Verne who is becomes a Graffiti Artist who's work which I can describe as is literal and their not their girlfriend called Mollie who is mad. That's all I am going to say I don't want to spoil anything as you have to read it to believe it. This is my first ever Daniel Pinkwater and it won't be my last as I want to go through their backlist. For all these reasons I am giving Crazy in Poughkeepsie 5 big fat stars

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