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I was lucky to receive a finished copy of Mort The Meek And The Ravens Revenge by Rachel Delahaye and illustrated by George Ermoss and published by Little Tiger. I can say that about this book would be that at first I was surprised by how tiny the book was but I had to eat my words as this small and mighty and contained a lot of action, jokes and amazing illustrations. Our main character is Mort who is a a pacifist who lives on the island of Brutalia where the main past time is Executions as this was the cruel Queen and her horrid husband the King liked putting people to death. One day something happened and meant that Mort who as a pacifist would never ever be next in line to be the executioner or is he? My favourite characters were the Ravens at the start of each chapter they would have conversations and these made me roar with laughter and I thought this was a nice touch. For these reasons I had to give Mort The Meek And The Ravens Revenge 5 massive stars and I cannot wait for the next book to be released.

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