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I was lucky to receive a Netgalley Arc of Kereen Getten's Middle Grade Novel When Life Gives You Mangoes and published by Pushkin Children's. I had a feeling that I would fall in love with this book and so to support Kereen and buy a physical copy which in the end was the right move. When Life Gives You Mangoes is a stunning Contemporary Middle Grade Novel about a young girl called Clara who lived in Sycamore who can't actually remember what happened last summer. All she knows is that her island gets terrible storms in the summer and can remember everything else but not what happened last summer. This was such a mesmerizing book and as a reader you could really feel for Clara and her situation and this was due to Kereen's beautiful writing and it made me cry a lot during reading it. And the twist was so gobsmackingly good and a powerful one too so for all these reasons I had to give 5 stars.

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