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I was lucky to receive an arc of Get A Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert via Edelweiss Plus I was excited until I found out the character Chloe had Fibromyalgia my excitement waned as I too am a sufferer so I kept on putting it off. I then joined a contemporary reading group and the first read was this book. I started reading slowly as I knew when the subject of Fibromyalgia came up this would trigger me and it did but I am so glad that I finally read it. Talia has done an amazing job on writing about this subject and I think that this could actually shine a light on this chronic disorder. The characters of Chloe and Red were loveable and they were both in my view casulaties of their past. I have no doubt in my mind that I have to give this book an edelweiss plus score of a perfect 10 and a goodreads score of 5. I now feel hopeful that I too could get a life. Thanks again Talia for writing this book

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