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Book Info:

Lemon Drop Falls by Heather Clark

Genre: Middle Grade General

Publishing Date: February 15, 2022


Brave the sour to taste the sweet.

Morgan is devastated by her mother’s sudden death. Before, Mom’s amazing organizational skills kept the family on track, and her bowl of lemon drops was always on hand to make difficult conversations easy, turning life’s sour into sweet. After, there’s no one to help Morgan navigate her new role caring for her younger siblings, her worries about starting junior high, and her increasingly confusing friendships. All she can do is try to fulfill her mother’s final request: Keep them safe, Morgan. Be brave for them. Help them be happy.

When Dad insists on taking the family on their regular summer camping trip, and Morgan’s efforts to keep her promise to Mom seem doomed to fail, Morgan’s anxiety spirals into a panic attack, and Dad treats her like she’s impossibly broken. Unable to share her fears and needs with Dad, and desperate to prove she’s got the strength to hold the family together, Morgan sets off alone to hike a flooding canyon trail. But somewhere on that lonely and dangerous journey, Morgan will encounter the truth about the final words her mother left her, the power in finding her own voice, and the possibility of new beginnings.

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About the Author:

Heather Clark grew up near the Rocky Mountains of Canada, then followed the mountain range south, to her current home in Utah, where she lives with her husband and three children who inspire the books she writes. Heather’s work as a writer, photographer, and teacher helps her see the beauty and unique value in every person. After dealing with her own childhood anxiety and OCD, Heather is passionate about representing neurodiverse children powerfully in fiction. When she’s not working, you can find Heather camping, hiking, boardgaming, or reading and celebrating books at You can learn more about Heather and her books at LEMON DROP FALLS is her debut novel.

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First off I want to say a big thank you to TBR Tours & Beyond for allowing me a place on this tour and to the wonderful Publishers for sending me a Netgalley Arc.

Lemon Drop Falls tells the story of Morgan Bell who at the age of 12 is on the cusp of being a teenager who should be looking forward ends up having her life and what she knows in one single event. To show this each chapter was either before or after and you got to see and feel . These chapters were short and that really gave that something else to this story and I cannot believe this is Heather's first book.

I also liked that we saw Morgan's friends even though at times like Morgan question their friendship especially in certain points in the story. For me the little stars of the book who did lighten things for Morgan and her Dad were her younger siblings Budge and Janie. I would suffice to say it would be great for a revisit to see how everyone is getting on.

I loved how Heather tackled Anxiety she made it feel so real as a sufferer myself Heather was on the money and showed that anyone could suffer with it. I also loved the descriptions of the trails they were climbing made me want to go camping even though I can't stand it.

This book made me ugly cry and boy did I cry and it was not a pretty sight I can assure you and there are not many books can make me do that so I know Lemon Drop Falls need to be read by everybody should read it. I had to have a massive lie down afterwards and had a kind of a book hangover as this book has sat with me for a couple of days. For these reasons I had to give it 5 stars

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