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Book Info:

Goth Girl, Queen of the Universe by Lindsay S Zrull

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publishing Date: July 19, 2022


Bounced between foster homes since the age of seven, Jessica knows better than to set down roots. Most of the kids at her new Michigan high school think she’s a witch anyway (because, you know, goth). The only one who gives her the time of day is geeky Oscar, who wants to recruit her fashion skills for his amateur cosplay group. But Jess is fine showing off her looks to her Insta fans—until a woman claiming to be her biological mother barges into her DMs.

Jess was claimed by the state when her bio mom’s mental illness made her unstable. While their relationship is far from traditional, blood ties are hard to break. There’s only one problem: Jess can’t reunite with her mom in New York City without a bunch of paperwork and she worries her social worker will never approve the trip. That’s when she remembers Oscar’s cosplay group, which is aiming for that big convention in New York . . .

So, Jess joins Oscar’s team—with every intention of using them to get to her mom. But her plan gets complicated when she discovers that, actually, cosplay is pretty great, and so is having friends. And Oscar, who Jess thought was just a shy nerd, can be as gallant and charming as the heroes he pretends to be. As the big convention draws near, Jess will have to decide whether or not chasing a dream of “family” is worth risking the family she’s built for herself.

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About the Author:

Lindsay S. Zrull is a former foster teen and current book nerd. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and earned a second Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Harvard Extension. Goth Girl, Queen of the Universe is her first novel. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @LSZrull.

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First thing that drew my attention was the cover. I know but this cover was so positive with a plus size girl on the cover and then you read the synopsis it is holy cow I need this book in my life.

This book was everything with a strong MC in Jessica which I bloody loved who to me was judged by people without actually getting to know her and then you have Oscar. Oscar who again people thought he was strange. I found their blooming friendship the cutest thing ever yes as they never the twain shall meet. The mixed in are Emily the ass-kicker who wanted to cause a stir in gaming and would always play the role of a male and then Gerrit who was always playing computer games yet his one- liners were epic. Then you add the world of cosplay to the mix you know you are going to get a story on an epic scale.

I can't believe that this is Lindsay's debut novel. It is clear that she is not afraid to discuss some hard topics like mental health and foster care. There is so much to unpack but i'm not gonna do that instead I will admit that Lindsay turned me into a little teary snot fest on many an occasion and it was not a pretty sight. For all these reasons I am giving the the wonderful Goth Girl Queen of the Universe 5 stars Oh and just one more thing pwease Lindsay can we have a follow up I really want to see what happens next to these wonderful characters.

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