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First off a big thank you to Little Tiger for sending me a finished copy I was so excited when it landed on my doorstep.

For me I am afraid I did not enjoy the story as much as the first as there was something greatly missing and other parts added without much explanation.

The Queen was not as brutal as she was and even the punishments were a bit tame compared to the one's in the first book. I also missed mort's family members who played quite a big part in the first book. In the second his dad and siblings were lost at sea while his mum had already accepted they had gone but Mort hadn't which was continued on throughout the story. I didn't really care for the character of Punky or the fact that Mort's best friend Weed hardly played a role.

I also did not like the way Mort's character changed for me it really took me out of the story.

In fact I restarted the story again listening and reading along as just reading felt flat to me. I had such high hopes for it and even George Ermos illustrations could not really save it and for those reasons I give Mort The Meek and the Monstrous Quest 3 stars

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