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In each generation an important author comes to light and through their writing changes everyone's perception of issues that surround them. One such author is Elle McNicholl . Elle is ND and during 2020 and lockdown she released her debut novel called A Kind of Spark and in 2021 she won the Blue Peter Awards Best Story and Waterstones Children's Book of The Year. Also in 2021 Elle released her second novel Show Us Who You Are. This time there are two ND characters Cora who has autism and Adrien who has ADHD who meet at a party being held by Adrien's parents and a beautiful friendship begins to take form and it is heaven for the readers to be part of and witness and this actually moved me. Elle is not afraid to bring tough subjects in her books like Grief and I can say I felt everything that Cora was feeling after losing her mum and how it can profoundly effect someone. She also asks question like would you like to change something about yourself that you didn't like? I know this book will open up a lot of conversations which are much needed when you are deemed to be different. It also sends a strong message to anyone who is different that is is great to be different and this should be celebrated. I am now going for a lie down as I am emotionally spent Elle sure knows how to put people through it and I just had to give this amazing book 5 stars that are infinite. Thanks Elle for making me an emotional mess again can't wait to read you next book and to Knights of and big thank you for giving people who are different a voice.

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