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When I was approached by Kelly of Algonquin Young Readers to review Egg Marks the Spot I jumped at the chance as I had seen Skunk and Badger around and was intrigued. First thing I did was to read the first in this series and I was not disappointed. There is a separate review for that.

In this book Egg Marks the Spot both Skunk and Badger have their own story throughout which was good and I loved how they came to help each other. I am getting vibes of the odd couple meets Wind in the Willows especially when you look at Jon Klassen's wonderful illustrations which are a mixture of black and white and colour illustrations.

My favourite thing of all was the science and geology Amy weaves throughout the story and I found this fascinating and spent time and googled the subject as I was reading so thank you for that as I learnt a lot. One last thing when you read this book make sure you have eaten a good meal because if you hadn't you would totally be tempted by the food Skunk made for himself and Badger.

For all these reasons I have given Egg Marks the Spot 4 massive stars.

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