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#can't believe it's over

I have read all of the wizards of once books and therefore sad that this wonderful series was coming to an end and I really really did not want this to happen. I have fallen in love with Xar and Wish as main characters who were meant to be on opposing sides and oh boy the adventures they had were just amazing. I loved Cressida Cowell's writing and illustrations she kept dropping breadcrumbs when put together leads the reader to find out an awful lot of back story. We also find out who the narrator was and I got it completely and utterly wrong I thought it was someone else. This last book Cressida nicely wrapped everything up in a present with a bow on top there was nothing she missed out and that takes some talent considering this was a Tetralogy. I do intend to revisit the book and listen to the audiobook with the wonderful David Tennant when it is finally released. I want to thank Netgalley and the Publishers Hatchette for letting me review this wonderful book. There is no doubt in my mind it had to be another 5 star read

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