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When I received Little Tiger's Email on what was available to review I was so excited to see this

amazing series on there and knew 100% I needed to read that book. So I like to say a big thank you to Little Tiger for sending me what is the last in the series which I was sad about. What I loved about Agent Zaiba Investigates was it's inclusivity and diversity no matter who the character was they were encouraged so that they could do their very best. This time they were on a School Trip and of course a Mystery was never far away. It was good to see Mariam being part of the team now but her bluntness did make chuckle. As always Daniela's full illustrations were a chef's kiss. I would love to see an Eden Lockett book one day hint hint. For all these reasons Agent Zaiba Investigates The Smuggler's Secret a great big fat 4 stars. I can't wait to see what Annabelle and Daniela will do next

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