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Just before Christmas I was contacted by Kristen who works for Algonquin Young Readers inviting me to join a blog tour for a new Middle Grade Graphic Memoir Novel called Cub by Cynthia Copeland I jumped at the chance. Cub is about Cynthia's time in 7th grade and the years covered in the book were 1972 and 1973 when Cynthia got the chance to learn how to become a journalist while working as a cub reporter. As I was born in 1970 and live in the UK I found this book fascinating as it also covered such historical events as Watergate, Fighting for Equal Rights. The book also shows how simple things were in the 70s with the fashion, the Black and White TV, the outdoor games and indoor fun to be had and it kind of brought back memories. What has not changed is the bullying and I liked the way that Cynthia compares the bullies to predators and the other kids the prey. I highly recommend this book and I will have to award it 5 stars as I think this could be read by kids and adults alike.

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