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I was lucky to receive an arc of The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery from Walker Books via Netgalley. I was so excited as this was one of my anticipated reads for 2020 and I was looking forward to reading it. Then to my surprise I received a signed physical copy of the book in my Tales By Mail Book box and I knew that i was a sign telling me that I needed to read it. Omg what a book I fell in love with Ross's writing style and want to start reading more books by him. The Midnight Guardians is the story of Col and his imaginary friends travelling to London to try and save Col's sister Rose. I especially loved the comparisons of the battle of the Green Man and the Midwinter King with the battle between Britain and Germany. Ross managed to show the devastation of war by using Newspaper articles together with facts written into the story. In some parts of the story Ross managed to make me cry and for these reasons I have to give beautiful and well written book 4 stars.

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