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I was lucky to receive an Arc of Digger and Me and is a Debut Novel written By Ros Roberts from Little Tiger who are beginning to be one of my favourite publishers. Digger and Me is a contemporary which I don't normally read is written in diary format and so was a quick read. Our main character is James who is at the cusp of going to Secondary School as well as dealing with a family that is broken - his Mum and Dad have split up and they have new partners. James also has to deal with yet another new teacher called Mr Froggatt yet the only thing that James can always be sure of was his best friend his dog digger. I loved all the characters especially Mr Froggatt who was a wonderful teacher and changed his class whole outlook by encouraging them to write poetry and James found that he was rather good at it. Now I am not a Dog Lover but I did love the relationship between James and Digger and in a few scenes Ros reduced me to tears. This wonderful book is released on 13th May 2021 and I encourage everyone to read this. For this reason I am giving Digger and Me 4 stars.

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