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Book Info:

A Perfect Mistake by Melanie Conklin

Genre: Middle Grade Mystery

Publishing Date: July 12, 2022


A moving, voice-driven novel about friendship, responsibility, and fighting against unfair expectations, for fans of Rebecca Stead and Erin Entrada Kelly.

Max wishes he could go back in time to before he was diagnosed with ADHD, before he grew to be the tallest kid in his class, and before he and his best friends went into the woods in the middle of the night. Max doesn’t remember what happened after he left his friends Will and Joey and the older kids who took them there. He’s not sure if he wants to remember. Knowing isn’t going to make Joey talk to him again, or bring Will out of his coma.

When the local authorities run out of leads, Max realizes that without his help, they may never know what really happened to Will. Charged by the idea that he may be the key to uncovering the truth, Max pairs up with classmate and aspiring journalist Sam to investigate what really happened that night. But not everyone in the community wants that night to be remembered.

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About the Author:

Melanie Conklin grew up in North Carolina and worked as a product designer before she began her writing career. Her debut middle grade novel, Counting Thyme, is a Nerdy Book Award winner, a Bank Street Best Children’s Book, winner of the International Literacy Association Teacher’s Choice Award, and a finalist for the Missouri Mark Twain Book Award, the Iowa Children’s Choice Award, the Illinois Bluestem Award, and the Arkansas Charlie May Simon Award. She is also the author of Every Missing Piece, A Perfect Mistake (2022), and her picture book debut, When You Have to Wait (2023). When she’s not writing, Melanie spends her time doodling and dreaming up new ways to be creative. She lives in New Jersey with her family.

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A Perfect Mistake is the book I needed 40 years ago when growing up knowing that in people's eyes because of starting Puberty early and having Disabled Parents I was not one of them. If I had something like this I would of realised that it is okay to be different.

Our main character is Max who not only is already as tall as his dad but also has ADHD to handle which is a lot for an 11 year old. Then there is this event that changes things and we learn about his interactions with his family and those at School I did love the growing relationship between Cal and Max it was a beautiful sight to see as they both got each other.

I would also like to have seen more of Sam she was a hoot with her strange words like funcle instead of uncle.

Again Melanie turned me into another snot fest and again it was not pretty all I know is that this book will stay with me for such a long time and so I had to give A Perfect Mistake 5 stars and will be reading more from Melanie

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