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I was lucky to get a Netgalley Arc of Thomas Taylor's latest book Gargantis and I was tickled pink but first I have a couple of confessions to tell you. I had Malamander sitting on my shelf to be read until I read it May this year and omg why had I not picked it up sooner it was one incredible ride and my second confession is I had Gargantis already on preorder and could not wait to read it but when I got it I didn't want to read quickly as I didn't want the adventure to end. If you are looking for spoilers I am afraid you will not find them here but I would say is you must start with the first book and you will not be disappointed. In these books which are set in eerie on sea we have two main characters Herbie Lemon and Violet Parmar and their characters are strong and well written as are the characters like Mrs Fossil and Dr Thalassi but there is another character that does not speak but is totally alive and in Gargantis we see alot more of it is Eerie on Sea. I'm dying to see what happens next and hoping that there will be another book very soon. So for these reasons my rating has to be 5 stars

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