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I was lucky to receive a netgalley arc of Dirt Circus League by Maree Kimberley which is a young adult something and this is my main problem with the book.

Reading through it I was trying to sub categorise it and I could not as it literally was all over the place from magical realism, horror and dystopian and I really wished the author stuck to one.

I found the characters like Asa annoying and her reaction to jump on a bus with complete strangers was a bit out there just because the leader was a hottie. The only decent character of the whole book was Karen I would of actually liked to of seen more of her. The other saving grace were the descriptions of the barracks and the meat house that actually got an extra star rating. I even found Surgeon a bit over the top and could not take their character serious enough I honestly did not see what her purpose was in the story. For all these reasons I gave Dirt Circus League 2 stars

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