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I was accepted by netgalley to read Divine Intervention about two females who were a godless cleric by the name of Appelonia who was the best tracker in her region and Narasumas who had been given the task to find a murderer who must be punished in the name of the gods Narasumas serves. I found the novel hard to get into as I haven't read the novels which the gaphic novel is based on and found it not easy to follow as the only mention of the worlds was at the beginning of the graphic novel which were the maps. It would of be great if there was a synopsis on what honua was like. I also would of liked to have the backstory extended of how genevieve the demon had become part of the group but i did like the backstory of Jin and thought it was cleverly done in black and white. On the whole it was an okay graphic novel but it could have been really good. So I have to give it 2 stars.


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