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I am not a big historical reader especially in Middle Grade but when I do get in the mood I always am hopeful that I will find that book which will inspire me to read more and I really think I have found it. The book which I am talking about is We Are Wolves by Katrina Nannestad which turns out that it is loosely based on real children called Wolf Children who lived in Prussia but ended up wild living in the woods and forests in WW2 when the Russians invaded.

Our main characters are Anna Wolf, Otto Wolf who literally had me loling when he went into one over Hitler and the little cherub Mia who loved putting her food into her hair.

At the start of story it is Christmas and everyone is sending off their Father to fight in the war. Things change drastically and you get to see everything through the eyes of innocent which causes them to do things so that they are able to live.

As the season's changed so did their surroundings and it really brought home to the reader what the situation the Wolf Children found themselves in. I could unpack more about the book but I feel it is better for the reader if I didn't but what I would say is this book gave me all the feels. And for this reason I am giving We Are Wolves 4 stars

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