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Book Info:

Barb the Last Berzerker by Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson

Genre: Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Publishing Date: September 28, 2021


She-Ra and the Princesses of Power meets Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man in this sidesplitting graphic novel about a young Berzerker who has to rescue her fellow warriors from the evil villain Witch Head before he destroys the world!

Barb is a Berzerker, one of a group of warriors sworn to protect the land of Bailiwick from the scourge of monsters that plagues it. But the fearsome crew seem to have met their match in the nefarious Witch Head. Using power from his magical sword, he tricked the Zerks and took them captive. Only Barb was able to escape—and she took Witch Head’s Shadow Blade with her.

Now it’s up to Barb to free her fellow warriors so they can stop Witch Head from taking over Bailiwick. On the way, she’ll battle vampire goat fiends, snot goblins, and a giant with serious foot odor issues (but don’t mention that to him—he’s very sensitive about it). Luckily, she’s got her best friend, Porkchop the yeti, to help her.

But the power of the Shadow Blade has a mind of its own, and the deeper Barb gets into her quest, the harder it is to keep the blade’s awesome power under control.

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About the Author:

Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson are long-time partners, best friends and co-creators of the animated comedy series Rocket Monkeys. Their credits also include developing shows for Disney, Sesame Workshop, Fox, and Nickelodeon, not to mention directing lots and lots of animated commercials.

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First off I would like to thank TBR Tours & Beyond for giving me a spot on the blog tour and to the Publishers and Dan and Jason for sending me a Netgalley Arc for me to read and review.

I am a great lover of Graphic Novels whether they are Adult, Young Adult or Middle Grade so when I saw the tour for Barb The Last Berzerker come up I knew I wanted to read that book. Barb The Last Berzeker is the first instalment of a Middle Grade Series but if you expecting someone like She-ra then think again. Barb isn't your usual heroine she is so laid back and also has the habit of doing the complete opposite to what she is meant to do. All Berzerkers hate Monsters but Barb has a best friend who is a Yeti called Porkchop. This is where the comic genius comes in what a name to call a monster who has a penchant for Sausages and yet this did not get me howling with laughter every time a certain character was mentioned. And that character goes by the name of Franny Flame Fingers. We even have a baddie who is so hamming it up it really makes the story very entertaining. Now lets talk about the art style which is loud and proud and suited the writing. I was really impressed by Dan and Jason and I already have pre-ordered the next instalment and can't wait to read it. This was a very good start as an introduction to Barb and for these reasons I am giving Barb The Last Berzerker 4 stars.

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