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I didn''t talk much about 2020 on my blog page but now for the healing process to carry on I think this is important for me. For me 2020 was a hard year first off my fibromyalgia was getting considerably unbearable and to get medical help was impossible if you did it was by phone. I was coming to terms with then my dad who was in a nursing home died from both covid and pneumonia on April 22nd 2020. A couple of months later my I had a relapse in my mental health and the main reason was because of the grief. I did get help thankfully and by August I was feeling much better and even the fibro was calming down to it's usual levels. Then in September/October I kept getting dizzy spells which i have had on and off for a while. This time I had four trips to the Dr to be told that I was now suffering with Vertigo and it took a while for that to settle. By the time Christmas came round I wasn't feeling it especially in the UK where they were put into tier 4 meant that I could only see Mum on Christmas Day and that hurt I thought I was going to have another relapse as like in June my reading slumped badly. I found out that it was a book I was reading which was about grief and loss and it really triggered me. I was adamant I was going to finish it and I did eventually I did in January. Next month is the first anniversary of dad's death I honestly don't know how I feel but I do know that things in the UK are starting to get better whatever happens I have my family, friends and more importantly books which have helped me so much over the years

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