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Book Info:

Hannah Sharpe: Cartoon Detective by Janet Tashjian & Jake Tashjian (Illustrator)

Genre: Middle Grade

Publishing Date: September 19, 2023


From the creators of the bestselling My Life series comes a colorfully illustrated mystery adventure about Hannah Sharpe, an observant young cartoonist on the autism spectrum and her cartoon alter ego in this colorfully illustrated adventure.

Young cartoonist Hannah Sharpe has many she’s curious, creative, has an amazing memory, and most important—she notices things. When Doug Williams moves into her family’s Airbnb, Hannah can’t shake the feeling that he’s got something to hide. But his girlfriend, Remy Furtado, couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. As Hannah investigates, often with her sketchbook in hand, she makes a series of unsettling discoveries involving stolen packages, changed keypad codes, and hidden stacks of cash. Can Hannah crack the case and unfold the mystery on her own?

Including full-color illustrations with panel art featuring Hannah and her cartoon alter ego, Dusty Pickle, here is a thoughtful and propulsive new book starring a neurodiverse protagonist.

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About the Author:

Janet Tashjian is a middle-grade and young adult novelist who’s been writing books for children for fifteen years. Her first novel Tru Confessions was made into a critically acclaimed Disney TV movie starring Clara Bryant and Shia LaBeouf. The Gospel According to Larry is a cult favorite and Fault Line is taught in many middle and high schools. Her novels My Life As a Book, My Life As a Stuntboy, and My Life As a Cartoonist are all illustrated by her teenage son, Jake. Their collaboration continues with Einstein the Class Hamster coming in August.

Janet lives with her family in Los Angeles, enjoying her respite from the long Boston winters. When she isn’t writing, she’s rewriting.

Janet has been doing school visits for fifteen years; you can email her at for details.

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It is so important for every reader to be able to see themselves in the book they are reading and for everyone else to learn and be more understanding.

For me Hannah Sharpe Cartoon Detective does this and more through words and highly coloured drawings which included comic strips of her Dusty Pickle.

I loved Hannah as a Main Character and see how she deals with life was very interesting and I got a little bit more insight into Autism which I found fascinating. I also liked the mysteries Hannah was able to solve and we know why Hannah was so good at this is because he has to make sense of things everyday.

I also cried but this was how expertly Janet introduced Covid as a subject matter.

For all the above reasons Hannah Sharpe Pet Detective receives 5 big fat stars and then some.

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