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Book Info:

Six Truths and a Lie by Ream Shukairy

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publishing Date: March 14, 2024



Six Muslim teens are falsely accused of a deadly attack in this timely and harrowing examination of Americas justice system, perfect for fans of Angie Thomas and Samira Ahmed.

As fireworks pop at a rowdy Fourth of July bonfire party, an explosion off the California coast levels an oil rig and a beach town is left reeling from the aftermath of tragedy. At the center are six Muslim teens.

An old soul stuck in a modern world. An aspiring doctor caught in the wrong place. An influencer with a reputation to protect. A perfect daughter with secrets. A soccer star headed for Stanford. An immigrant in love. Six strangers with something to hide and everything to lose. Faced with accusations of terrorism, the Six are caught in a political game that will pit them against one another. As police investigate what really happened that night, which secrets will be worth the cost of freedom?

They each must decide: Betray the others to guarantee their own futures, or expose their secrets to earn justice for them all.

Content Warning: Content warnings: mentions of Terrorism, police interrogations, murder, racism, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, generational trauma, PTSD


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About the Author:

Ream Shukairy is a Syrian American born and raised full-time in Orange County, California and part-time over summers in Syria. Whether in California or Syria, she feels at home where her family is and wherever there’s a beach. She has a talent for learning languages and is always on the search for the next place she can travel and flex her words. The daughter of immigrants, there isn’t a stereotype she won’t try her hardest to defy. She can be found reading at the beach, with her sisters watching anime, or playing volleyball really anywhere. She currently resides in Boston for graduate school.

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Six Truths and a Lie was an incredible narrative of how one event that can change a person's life and how they are seen by others. It also shows how this narrative can be different for a person who had a different skin colour and was not of the same religion.

The main characters points of views were amazing but the one that actually made me tear up was Quays and that is all what I am going to say.

I do feel that having as many as possible writers that are POC in the publishing industry so that their voices can be heard. For me Ream Shukairy did a fantastic job and feel strongly that everyone should read this and then have discussions.

For all the above reasons Six Truths and a Lie receives 4 stars


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