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First off I would like to thank Random Things Tours for giving me a spot on the tour and to the publishers Rock The Boat for sending me a copy of The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks written by Emily Kenny. Alice is Emily's Debut Novel so I was excited and intrigued to read another author who was Autistic like Alice as there not enough books out there covering Disability and being Different.

I did like the Boarding School Setting and see how someone like Alice would get on but I think more could of happened in the story and as for her 'Friends'' Tim and Ottie really at first did not deserve the title as they both deserted her. Some of the story I felt like the reader was being told instead of shown what was happening. For example when Alice is told she was a Switcher she just accepted it I just felt that could of been done better. I found the first half of the book the pacing was very off and not much happened. It was not until the second half when it started cooking on gas but for me it was a bit late if only the action went throughout the book this could of been something. You had shapeshifters, animals who could talk, a mystery and magic which all are the ingredients for a great series. Unfortunately for me I will not be continuing on with the Series but I wish Emily all the best and for all these reasons I am giving The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks 3 Stars

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