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Book Info:

Upstaged by Robin Easter

Genre: Middle Grade

Publishing Date: May 28, 2024



In a summer of goodbyes and new beginnings, shy Ashton Price hopes to confess to their theater camp crush in this heartfelt middle-grade graphic novel. Perfect for fans of The Tryout and The Girl from the Sea .

This is the last hurrah, the final curtain call. 

Ever since sixth grade, Ashton Price and their best friend and enduring crush, Ivy Santos, have spent their summers together at theater camp. Now it’s their last year before they part ways for high school, and Ash is determined to end it on a high note!

With Ash as stage manager and Ivy the lead in this year’s musical, this summer’s shaping up to be everything the two could have hoped for. Maybe Ash will even work up the courage to ask Ivy out! But between Ivy rehearsing long hours with her colead and Ash throwing themself into an ambitious stage production, will they end up drifting apart instead?

As summer wanes and September looms, Ash and Ivy’s friendship will change forever, one way or another.


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About the Author:

Robin Easter is a cartoonist and illustrator who graduated from SCAD with a degree in sequential art. They are also a grown-up theater kid, former camp counselor, and walking encyclopedia of random facts. Robin currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with several plants and their dreams of having a dog.


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Omg Upstaged was such a cute Graphic Novel and Ash and Ivy were the perfect Characters and I was rooting for them as it was clear to me how perfect they were.

Usually the side characters were used as fillers but not in Robin's world as each had their own scenes and played important roles in the story.

Then you have the wonderful illustrations which screamed Summer.

I had such a good time reading Upstaged and hope to see more of Ash and Ivy. For all the above reasons Upstage receives 4 stars.

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