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Book Info:

Steve L McEvil by Lucas Turnbloom

Genre: Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Publishing Date: May 24, 2022


Lean into your wicked side in this full-color graphic novel series about a middle-school super villain (in training) who must choose between saving his town and doing the most horrific thing of all–teaming up with the good guys.

Hi! My name is Steve L. McEvil, and I am THE GREATEST SUPERVILLAIN IN THE WORLD! Or…I will be. It’s hard to take over the planet when you still have a bedtime.

Right now, my grandpa Tiberius McEvil is teaching me how to pull off my nefarious schemes. Though lately someone has been doing the job for me. These weird stones have appeared in town. Professor Stinger won’t stop droning on about wormholes. And no one is more villainous than my new neighbor Vic Turry. That guy is just so…NICE! Barf. Even Sierra, who rarely looks up from her geology books, is impressed by his good guy routine. But I’ll show them all. No one can outsmart Steve L. McEvil! (Yeah, yeah, I know it rhymes.)

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About the Author:

Lucas Turnbloom is a cartoonist from Southern California. In 2017, he and his wife rescued a sweet yet rambunctious little cat who inspired Lucas to write a comic as an inside joke for his wife. But when his wife insisted he put the comic on the internet, the joke grew, and “How to Cat” now has over 196k followers. In addition to capturing his pet’s most feline antics, Lucas is also the illustrator of the Dream Jumper series.

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Stand aside Gru there is a new Super Villain in our midst by the name of Steve L McEvil but first he needs to get through Middle School and on the way getting himself a reputation. Standing in the way of him becoming a Super Villain is a girl called Sierra and a new kid who Steve is unsure of. Together with his normal family apart from his evil Grandad Tiberius who rued the day his Son and heir - Steve's dad became a Cartoonist oh the horror of it all.

All these ingredients mixed together with Lucas's artwork you find yourself with a very funny Graphic Novel with so many Gags any Kid will love from the ages of 8 to 100. Not only that there death robot called Dorkus and a cat who hates their head being scratched but also a Mad Professor. There is so much to unpack and I don't really want to spoil anything but I will say I am 100% getting the next book in the series and carry on to see what happens next. For all these reasons I am giving this very funny graphic novel 4 stars

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