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Ghosts of Mars by Stuart White



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Book Details



Length: 280 pages

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Age Category: Middle Grade

Date Published: 12 September 2022

Amazon Link: (Canada)





Mars. 2045. 13-year-old Eva is the first Martian.


And world famous on two planets!


Fame, Type 1 diabetes and a sarcastic AI companion haunt her, but when her dad goes missing on the red planet, she must overcome the 'Ghosts of Mars' to save him.


The Martian for middle-grade, full of science, friendship and adventure, with elements of The Sword in the Stone.


“A thrilling, edge-of-the-seat ride for all space loving adventurers!” Vashti Hardy, Author of Brightstorm


“I loved this book – not only as a type 1 diabetic – but as a fan of brilliant middle-grade stories. Perfectly paced, hugely imaginative and wildly exciting, I predict readers will adore Eva and this stunning space adventure.” AF Steadman, Author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief


With a Type 1 Diabetic main character, Ghosts of Mars explores how life beyond Earth, and the fame and scrutiny that come with it, affects the young people involved, who didn't sign up for life on Mars. Ten percent of author profits go to Diabetes UK.


Author Bio


Stuart is an award-winning author and secondary school teacher. He has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and founded, and now runs, WriteMentor. In 2020 and 2022 he was placed on the SCWBI Undiscovered Voices longlist and named as an Hononary Mention for his novels ‘Ghosts of Mars’ and ‘Astra FireStar and the Ripples of Time’. In 2023, he won the WriteBlend award for his middle grade debut, Ghosts of Mars.


Stuart was included in The Bookseller’s 2021 list of Rising Stars in the publishing industry.


On the whole The Ghosts of Mars was a good start to a series but for me Eva wasn't a great main character never seemed to think about the consequences of her actions but slowly she begins to realise and that is due to Herc who was good influence oh her.

I found the descriptions of Mars very interesting and I also think that having a Diabetic M/C in a Middle Grade will do so much for readers who also are Diabetic as they feel that they will be seen and for others it would be a great way to discuss what Diabetes actually is.

For all the above reasons Ghosts of Mars receives 4 stars

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