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Oh Dear Queen of the Sea

I was so excited to receive this netgalley arc of Queen of the sea by Dylan Meconis as I really have found a love for graphic novels and wanted to see more. So you can imagine my delight when i realised that not only was it a graphic novel but it was written for middle grade another of my favourite genres to read. It was interesting that the novel was loosely based on british history and being a brit i wanted to learn too as I was never really that good at history. For the first 10 pages it was going well but then I found it harder to get into and I nearly DNFed it but out of respect to both the author and the publishers I carried on but found it very hard going indeed for these reasons. First a graphic novel in my experience doesn't have much writing as this did and the font of the text was very hard to read at times yes it may have suited the novel but it did not work and I don't know if a middle grader would even enjoy it as clearly is confused. I found the jumping around in the novel very confuddling first we saw the introduction of lady cameron and her son william to the convent. Then there is a new character eleanor and we get to know her before jumping back to lady cameron there seemed to be no proper flow to the novel. I did find the backstory of the nuns interesting but again that was all over the place and got repeated later on in the book. I also couldn't understand why the game of chess was introduced throughout the book it may have been a good idea at the time. On the whole this novel could of been a great read but sadly for me it was below par but there may be readers who may disagree with me, So I gave 2 Stars

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