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15 Secrets to Survival by Natalie D Richards

Genre: Middle Grade

Publishing Date: November 7, 2023


From the New York Times bestselling author of Five Total Strangers comes a thriller about a group of four classmates forced to navigate the wilderness for a school project with nothing but the pages of a survival handbook–and each other–before the sun goes down..

When classmates Baxter, Abigail, Turner and Emerson are forced to go to the middle of nowhere for a school project, they think things can’t get much worse. Why on earth do they need to learn how to survive in the wilderness by an eccentric instructor?

But what starts off as a weekend of team building turns dangerous when their instructor goes missing and they are left with nothing but the pages of a survival handbook to complete a series of challenges.

They will soon discover the woods around them have unexpected surprises that might go beyond the obstacles their teacher set out for them…but will they find they can work together to find their teacher?

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About the Author:

Natalie D. Richards is the author of two New York Times Bestsellers, Five Total Strangers (2020) and Seven Dirty Secrets (2021), as well as six additional novels.

Natalie writes “page-turning thrillers” (School Library Journal) for a Young Adult audience. Her first middle-grade book, through Penguin Random House imprint Delacorte, is called 15 Secrets to Survival and is due out in 2023. Four Found Dead (2023) will be Natalie’s ninth YA thriller from Sourcebooks Fire and is expected to be a bone chilling addition to her psychologically twisted work.

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I have to admit I was expecting a thriller and was surprised that in fact 15 secrets to Survival was more than that. At first I was not keen on the so called friends but loved Vivi her antics and calling Baxter Baxturd was hilarious.

But as the characters worked together and put together with the pages written by Baxter's Great Uncle they learned a lot and so did I. Oh boy there was a lot of danger throughout which helped with the plot. I also love the short chapters too and this added to the story.

This book would be an ideal book for a school curriculum or a book club as there is so much that could be discussed.

For all the reasons above I am giving 15 Secrets to Survival 4 stars

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