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I was very lucky to receive via Netgalley Dream Team #1 Attack of the Heebie Jeebies by Tom Percival which is a children's book that deals with childhood emotions. I must admit I nearly did not finish the book as the chapters were all over the place but when I saw the amazing illustrations I knew that I had to ignore this and read the book. Oh boy was it enjoyable. Our main character is Erika who goes to bed angry and ends up being in a dream where she is trying to get back home. On her journey she comes across the Dream Team who are a ramshackle team who protect their world called dream scape and little creatures know as Heebie Jeebies who might be furry but they have teeth. I loved that the kind of dream Erika was having was an angermare and the more Erika got angry the bigger the angermare got and when she realised that if she remained calmer the angermare shrank to size. For this reason I have to give this wonderful book 4 stars and look forward to a return journey to Dreamscape.


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