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I was lucky to get an Netgalley arc of How To Be A Hero Take Up The Quest by Cat Weldon and published by Macmillan. The story is of Whetstone and Lotta the Valkyrie. The start of the story was good but then my attention kept being pulled by the constant use of Norse Mythology which would of made the story interesting but to have Odin and co as characters was a little bit too much. I get what Cat was trying to do but the execution was a bit off. I would rather Vali being the bad guy instead of Loki I think it would of been more intriguing. It also needed more of a back story to Whetstone to make his character more alive to me he was a bit one dimensional. I really wanted to like this book more than I did it is only getting a higher rating as Cat through her writing did bring the story back on track with the action with the dragon Nidhogg. I am afraid I won't be carrying on with the series but wish Cat well. For all these reasons I am rating the book 3 stars.

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