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Well what can I say about What happened that Night by Deanna Cameron except to say it was so well written that when I came to the last chapters i literally stayed up to 3am to read them but then went to bed could not stop thinking about the book I needed to see what happened I just had two hours sleep before restarting and finishing the book. I am not going to give any spoilers as I think that this kind of book should be better enjoyed if the reader was following the story. What I will say that the story is mainly about two sisters who lives changed dramatically after one event. I do like that each chapter has a before where the reader sees what had happened and then what is going on now and they were easy to follow. I was going to give this book 5 star but i did think that what we found out about the older sister was to me a little bit far fetched maybe if this was covered throughout the book it may have be accepted by me the reader. So I am going to award this book 4 stars and hope Deanna brings out another novel soon which I would love to read as I love her writing style.

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