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I was very lucky to be auto approved via netgalley by the publishers so I could read Notes in Class by Inky Willis which i must comment on what an amazing name for an author and it is very apt. Notes in Class is about a girl called Molly who is horrifed after hearing her friend Chloe's news which makes her kind of unhappy. So when Molly is looking a word up in the dictionary she comes across a drawing of a witch and decides to cut it out. Next thing she knows the paper witch has come to life and her name is Notes and all Notes wants to do is help her friendling. But as the story unfolds Molly realises that what Notes does is sometimes very unhelpful and she finds herself in so much trouble. I thought this story was highly entertaining and made me chuckle alot. I now want to re-read it at some point and I am going to buy my very own copy and can't wait to see what Notes gets up to next. For this reason I am giving this book 4 stars.

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