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Book Info:

Scout is Not a Band Kid by Jade Armstrong

Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Graphic Novel

Publishing Date: April 5, 2022


A young girl in middle school will do whatever it takes to meet her favorite author–even if it means joining her school band! A contemporary graphic novel about making your dream come true–and the friends you make along the way.

When Scout learns that her favorite author is doing an exclusive autograph session at the end of the year, she’s determined to be there! She officially needs a plan…and when she finds out that her school’s band is heading to the same location for their annual trip, an idea takes shape. Being a band kid can’t be that hard, right?

As it turns out, learning how to play an instrument when you can’t even read music is much, much, MUCH tougher than expected. And it’s even harder for Scout when her friends aren’t on board with her new hobby. Will she be able to master the trombone, make new band friends, and get to her favorite author’s book signing? Tackling everything seems like a challenge for a supergenius superfriend supermusician–and she’s just Scout.

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About the Author:

My name is Jade Armstrong, and I am a non-binary cartoonist. I was raised in a little town called Almonte, Ontario, before heading off to Toronto to work in comics and animation. I’ve worked as background painter in television for 4 years. At the moment, I float between Toronto, Almonte and Montréal.

More than anything I love to make comics. You can check out my full CV here!

My debut middle grade graphic novel, SCOUT IS NOT A BAND KID, is set to be published by Random House Graphics April 5th, 2022.

I’m also a member of the comics collective HELLO BOYFRIEND. We are a bunch of pals who love comics and make comics together!

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For a very long time I have read graphic novels and I love love middle grade graphic novels as they seem to be able to tell a really good story but also give you the feels too. My go to has always been for the fantasy but more recently a whole shooting lot of contemporary middle graphic novels have come my way which I really have enjoyed. So when I saw the tour for Scout is Not a Band Kid I knew I really really wanted to read it.

I was not disappointed especially about the premise of the book where we see Scout wanting to meet her favourite Author no matter what it takes.

I liked Scout as a character and thought she had a brilliant attitude but needed to be confident about her choices even if her 'so called girlfriends' didn't seem to agree or interested. I loved the interaction Scout had with Merrin the trombone section leader and how they both grew as people which is not that easy to show in something like a Graphic Novel but Jade did a wonderful job.

Now I have to mention the artwork which in my view is stunning as well as the story so I shall be giving Scout is Not A Band Kid 4 stars and can't wait to see what Jade brings out next

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