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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I was so excited when I received approval as the premise of the book sounded really good but when I began to read it I found that the story was not that easy to get into but when i paired it with the audio book it came to life.. i did like Bela as a character but felt that she took everything at face value without questioning like when she found out about her sister. Ren-ya was not very nice but in my view did grow in character. I just could not get past the age gap between the sisters and how people could go through to the other world but without much explanation. I did not care for the Uncle. Then you had the reveal which could of been mind blowing but wasn't Don't get me wrong the world building was good but the actual story needed more work. The book would of got 2 stars but I gave an extra star because of the narrator of the audiobook.

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