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I was lucky to get a copy of Love Bites by Ry Herman and published by Quercus Books which I got through Netgalley. It is a Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance and this is where one of my problems with the book lie. It doesn't seem to know what it is and my reply would be a romance between two women. I did like the story of Chloe and Angela's romance but the constant going back and forward to Angela's past life with Tess made the book in my view a bit long. I do understand that the backstory of how Angela had become a Vampire had to be mentioned and that was was well written at the start but the constant back and forward actually did spoil the book for me and the only saviour was the Romance it was cute and comical. I did like however was how Ry wrote about Boston they made it come alive and for someone who doesn't come from there it did enthrall me. For these reasons I have to give Love Bites 3 stars

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