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Finally Believathon is finally here so I decided to pick up my very first book and chose The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. I managed to complete it as it was such an entertaining read in one sitting. Magic Finger can only be described as story of consequences which in my view Roald is a the Master of this style of writing. The main character which we really know her as Girl can change people who make her angry and she does that to the Gregg Family who are hunters and need to be taught a lesson and what a lesson it was. I vaguely remember reading it as a child but I think I enjoyed it more as an adult due to the subtleties that roald is the master off. Then you have the amazing drawings of Quentin Blake which never age so the star rating I have to give is 5 stars. These books will go on and on and a new generation will enjoy this book as much as I did

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