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I was lucky to get approval via Netgalley of #InfiveYears by @RebeccaASerle and boy did it make me cry so much alot of tissues were needed. It tells the story of Dannie Kohan who is a young lawyer being interviewed for a big job and one of the questions asked is Where will you be in five years time? This is pretty easy for Dannie to answer as she has her life planned but what if her best laid plans do not go the way she hoped. I have not read many contemporary novels but this story of love is not the usual boy meets girl instead it is quite different. I'm not going to give any spoilers but all i would say is Rebecca has crafted something so beautiful that it will stay with me and at some point I will have to revisit which I never normally do. So there is no doubt in mind that this book is worth 5 stars.


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