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I was lucky to receive an arc copy of Wizards of Once Knock Three Times by Cressida Cowell and I was over the moon via Netgalley. I had already pre-ordered the book as I thoroughly enjoyed Wizards of Once and Wizards of Once Twice Magic but I have to admit to you that I was scared to read Knock Three Times mainly because I did not want the story to end and not be able to read about Xar,Wish and Bodkin and their adventures with their motley crew of Snow Leopards, Sprites to name but a few made me rather sad. So i only read it this month and I am happy that Cressida has kept up the momentum in Knock Three Times by introducing new characters, a couple of relevations which added to the story as well as her amazing self drawn illustrations. Cressida has ramped up the story that I cannot wait for the 4th and final book which is coming out September 2020 called Never and Forever which again I have pre-ordered. For these reasons I am giving this amazing book 5 stars

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