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Book Info:

Picture Day by Sarah Sax

Genre: Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Publishing Date: June 27, 2023


Everyone knows the most stressful day of middle school is picture day ! And that’s exactly where this yearbook-worthy graphic novel series opener with reinventing yourself, drama, popularity, and the friends who see you through.

Seventh-grader Viv never looks forward to picture day. It’s just another day where she wears a boring braid and no one notices her. (Her two best friends, Milo and Al, don’t count, of course.)

But enough is enough. This year, she’s taking matters into her own hands. Literally. Viv grabs a pair of scissors, her phone for live-streaming, and, well, bye-bye braid.

Suddenly Viv is an over-night influencer at Brinkley Middle School. Everyone wants her help planning their next big moment—from haircuts, to dance proposals, activist rallies and mathlete championships. She hardly even has time for her friends anymore. It’s exactly how she dreamed of reinventing herself…right?

In the tradition of modern classics like Vera Brosgol’s Be Prepared , Svetlana Chmakova’s Awkward , and Kayla Miller’s Click , Picture Day brings answers to perennial questions of what it means to be true to yourself—and a true friend.

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About the Author:

Sarah cares deeply about encouraging young readers to discover and expand their sense of creative confidence. She studied Storytelling and Sequential Imagery at Hampshire College and she’s since worked as an educator at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco, a volunteer with 826 Valencia, and as Creative Director at Lumosity, where she led a team of artists working with scientists and game designers to transform problem-solving and memory skills into brain-training games. She is the illustrator of the first three books (Escape This Book: Titanic; Escape this Book: Tombs of Egypt; and Escape This Book: Race to the Moon) in the inventive, interactive Escape This Book! series, which has been translated into eight languages. PICTURE DAY, her first of four graphic novels in the Brinkley Yearbooks series, will be published in the summer of 2023. She lives in Portland, Maine.

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This Graphic Novel was everything as it reminded me of my own Picture day when I was at School and it literally brought back memories for me.

I loved the main character of Viv who naturally wanted to stand out but it never seemed to happen until she took drastic action but at what cost?

I loved the art style and how Sarah managed to use this wonderful graphic novel to discuss Social Media and how it can be positive or negative.

For all the above reasons I am giving Picture Day 4 stars.

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