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Book Info:

Hollow Fires by Samira Ahmed

Genre: Young Adult Mystery Thriller

Publishing Date: May 10, 2022


A powerful, gripping YA novel about the insidious nature of racism, the terrible costs of unearthing hidden truths, and the undeniable power of hope, by New York Times bestselling author Samira Ahmed. Perfect for fans of Sadie and Dear Martin.

Safiya Mirza dreams of becoming a journalist. And one thing she’s learned as editor of her school newspaper is that a journalist’s job is to find the facts and not let personal biases affect the story. But all that changes the day she finds the body of a murdered boy.

Jawad Ali was fourteen years old when he built a cosplay jetpack that a teacher mistook for a bomb. A jetpack that got him arrested, labeled a terrorist—and eventually killed. But he’s more than a dead body, and more than “Bomb Boy.” He was a person with a life worth remembering.

Driven by Jawad’s haunting voice guiding her throughout her investigation, Safiya seeks to tell the whole truth about the murdered boy and those who killed him because of their hate-based beliefs.

This gripping and powerful book uses an innovative format and lyrical prose to expose the evil that exists in front of us, and the silent complicity of the privileged who create alternative facts to bend the truth to their liking.

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About the Author:

Samira Ahmed is the bestselling author of Love, Hate & Other Filters, Internment, Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know, and Amira & Hamza: The War to Save the Worlds, as well as a Ms. Marvel comic book mini-series. Her poetry, essays, and short stories have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies including the New York Times, Take the Mic, Color Outside the Lines, Vampires Never Get Old and A Universe of Wishes.

She was born in Bombay, India, and grew up in Batavia, Illinois, in a house that smelled like fried onions, spices, and potpourri. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Samira has taught high school English in both the suburbs of Chicago and New York City, worked in education non-profits, and spent time on the road for political campaigns.

Samira currently lives in the Midwest. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found on her lifelong quest for the perfect pastry.

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When I saw the email for the blog tour for Hollow Fires I was so intrigued and had a feeling that this book was going to be an absolutely belter of a read judging by the synopsis.

Literally after reading the prologue I was getting the biggest 5 star feels ever and I kept reading and reading. I stayed up to 4 am finishing off the book it gave so many emotions from actual sobbing my heart out to actual disbelief.

Samira literally has a master piece on her hands. The story was current, it had two very strong POVs, it was obvious that she had researched the story thoroughly. Last thing I want to talk about are the twists and turns and boy oh boy Samira put the pedal to the metal on them which meant I kept sacking off my TBR so I could read some more then I would forget I needed to go to bed.

This book needs to be read in schools and in homes and should be talked about. I am now going to auto buy Samira's books an read those I have already got. I am giving Hollow Fires 5 stars but it deserves many many many more stars

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