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#Dream Team to the Rescue

I was lucky to receive a copy of the second book in this series titled Attack of the Jitters by Tom Percival via Netgalley. This time Erika is called back to help the team help a girl called Chanda who was having her dreams over taken by Nightmares while in the real world we have Erika's friend Alan who is funny but does not have the confidence to enter the Talent Show. I liked being back in the world of the dream team but didn't seem to spend alot of time there before Erika went to the real world. Also there wasn't much of the Heebie Jeebie in this second book than the first who in my view stole the show. One thing that does impress me is the illustrations as they are top notch. So for this reason I have to give A Case of Jitters 3 stars

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